The testimonials of my wonderful friends and former clients solely relate back to when I was licensed and served as their investment advisor  and, as such, are not intended to suggest or infer that I  am  currently a licensed investment advisor or  by this website acting  as an investment advisor for the purpose of giving individualized investment advice as to any specific portfolio or to any subscriber to this websites particular investment needs.

I have condensed some of the letters to make them easier and quicker to read.  I greatly appreciated the letters and wonderful people that wrote them.

I have been a client of Allan Densmore since about September 2009.  In that time, I have found his performance to be far better than that of other advisors I worked with before.  Allan cares more about what he can do to help his clients.  Also Allan uses a technique I wish other advisors had used.  If they had perhaps my portfolio would be larger.


I have been investing for a number of years.  During that time, the several “Financial Advisors” i’ve deal with were simply product salesman.  They rarely had any “advice” for my investment concerns.  I met Allan about 10 years ago.  I wasn’t Allans client yet he spent more than an hour with me explaining the options available to me with what I had purchased years ago.  Allan gave a better explanation and a good deal more information than the original salesman had provided.  Since I wasn’t his client, I expected to be charged.  Allan’s excellent advice and modifications were a pure service, at no cost to me.  Months later I meet Allan again at one of his workshops.  Allan offered asset protection options others had not.  Much to my satisfaction Allan was advising not selling.  I’ve been Allan’s client for some years now.  His advice has always been spot on.  He treats my assets as though they were his own.  I’ve stopped the Stock Market roller coaster.

I’ve grown to admire and trust this man, as a financial counselor and as a friend.  I can sum up my feelings for Allan as a financial counselor in one sentence.  This is a business that could be conducted on a handshake, if the other hand was Allan’s.


We have found the way to go.  I have been investing for over 50 years and after meeting with Allan, have found the way to go.  Over the past 50 years are only goal was to grow are money for a comfortable retirement.  We had no system, structor and was flying by the seat of our pants.

We meet Allan at one of his presentations.  We enjoyed the feast of words and the financial wisdom that Allan gave us.  We have been with Allan for more than 10 years now and everything we have done will Allan has been successful. We have no worries about our money with Allan, we know it is safe.  If we ever have a question Allan is always there for us with an answer.  He has taken care of our assets throughout the last 10 years in a manner that has surpassed what we feel we could have ever obtained on our own.

If I had a chance to do everything all over again, I would have found Allan when he first started and stayed with him since the beginning.  I have had many investments in the past, however they never seemed to do as well as I hoped or what I had been told.  We never really seemed to do better than treading water.  Then we found Allan.  Since then things have been much different for my wife and I.  Allan was able to get us interested in a new way of thinking about money.  Kep it safe, and create safe income streams, and I can say over the years, this thinking has indeed served us well in this new way of life.

If you are going to meet with Allan, take this as a whole hearted endorsement of him and his way of working with people who are older such as my wonderful wife and I.

I cannot ask for a better person than Allan to look after our money and possibly yours!

Stephen & Joan

I meet Allan at a meeting in 2008.  He said “you don’t have to lose money when the market goes down”.  Since working with Allan, he was true to his word; we are not losing each year but gaiing each year, just like he said.  I found it hard to understand how what we had done for most of our lives was not the way to do it in retirement.  True to his word, I understand how I can make money every year, have a stress free retirement, and I don’t have to worry about my monthly income like we used to.  While my wonderful husband is not with us anymore, Allan has taken care of me, just like he said he would.

If you have the opportunity to work with Allan do so, you will never regret the decision.  While what he says sounds different, it does make sense and it does work.  I have two regrets at this point in my life.  One is my wonderful husband and I did not start working with Allan years ago.  The other is my best friend and partner is not here to enjoy our wonderful income and the golden years we could have had together, stress free.


Five years ago my husband and I walked into Allan’s office for a consultation and we have been very grateful ever since.  We had managed our sizeable assets ourselves for many years and done quite well but we needed advise.  Allan educated us on how we could increase our assets and heve them grow safely for the rest of our lives.  Ever since, our retirement assets have been dong what Allan said they would do.  We have not lost any money in 4 years.  Allan has made it possible for us to enjoy financial security for the rest of our lives.  He often says “Life’s good”, and yes we agree with him.


I meet Allan at a dinner.  During dinner, I listened with others while Mr. Densmore told us how we cound invest and not lose money.  At the end of the presentation, the man next to me skeptically said, “I don’t see how anyone can invest mney with a guarantee not to lose money when the market goes donw”.  I pondered that thought briefly, but knew I had to do something soon, so I set up an appointment to meet with Mr. Densmore.  In November 2005, I invested money, and to this day, I have not lost a penny of my initial investment.  In fact, my investments have done just what Allan said they would do.  Thince hten I have made two other major investments with the same results.  I am now on tract for my retirement and confident my money will be there when I need it.  I often wonder if the skeptic who sat next to me at that first meeting is as happy and satisfied as I am.


We first approached Allan in an attempt to learn more about investing than we knew or were learning from other sources.  We accepted an invitation to a workshop Allan was doing.  Allan took us through severla scenaarios for what might be available.  He used our comfort zone, not his for a learning foundation, while showing us a few things outside the parameters.  We left feeling far more comfortable that with other advisors, even though no decisions were made.  We commented that this was a person we felt we could trust and someone we really did like.

While Allan is a trained investment person, he never made us feel incompetent on the subject – even though we admitted our lack of expertise.  We had just been hit by the economy drop, after working to save additional funds for more investments, and we were concerned about what we could do to protect ourselves more.

One thing Allan does push is that his clietns be educated in the investment options and that there is a think time between the learning session and the decision.  I appreciate that particularly.  It is too easy to make a quick decision that ends up being wrong – better to think it over and make an educated and thoughtful one.  Fortunately, Allan is available for that one more question or that one more thought about which way to move; Allan will not make the final decisions, he just shows us options and explained how each work.

We liked that Allan seems to care about us as individuals and as clients.  We were given options to consider, with the pros, and cons of each and the risk involved.  He was available for many clarifications and information questions, as we tried to set a game plan.  Note once did we feel pressured to make a decision or sign anything that first day – or even later.  We moved as we felt comfortable and the decisions were ours, after having access to lots of information.

Allan is easy to talk to; he treats his clients with respect and he is knowledgeable.  We feel that he truly works for the best of each indivudual.  If he believes something is not a good personal choice he will say so.  At the same time, he always insistes that the decisions from from us, not from him.

Allan cares for his clients.  Now going in to see Allan is like going in to see a friend: enjoyable and fun while taking care of business.

He is the one we recommend to our friends.  Just call him.  You will be glad you did.

Jon & Glenda

Prior to working with Allan we had lost almost half of our investments working with another financial person.  After gong to one of Allan’s seminars and meeting with him personally, he seemed very trustworthy and we decided to invest with him.

Allan took us through a process to educate us and ensure we understood what our options were before we could invest with him.  His goal  seems to be to educate first then whatever would work best for us he would do.  We have come to appreciate the value of not losing money is more important than how much you make.  Having worked with Allan since 2004 we have seen the horrible decline that occurred in 2008 that devastated many families and friends financially.  And true to Allan’s strategies and methods we along with many of his other clients did not los any of our retirement money.  I can say for a fact though, that we know many people personally, not working with Allan that lost a fortune in 2008.  We were one of the lucky ones, we were working with Allan.  We have utilized various saving and investments with Allan and have never lost money, which is in sharp contrast to our previous experiences with other advisors.  Are experience with Allan has always been positive and has allowed us to increase our net worth, which again is in sharp contrast to our previous experiences.

In my opinion, Allan has been very truthful in all transactions we have completed through him.  While you may not know us personally, for us to say “we trust Allan” is saying a lot.

I believe working with Allan has been the right thing to do.

I guess for my wife and I one of the things we appreciate the most about Allan is his honesty and integrity when it comes to doing what is best for US.

Bernie and Betty

When whe came into Allans office 5 years ago we had been managing our own investments for many years and did pretty well.  Allan was not the first advisor we talked to.  There were others that really didn’t impress us.  By the second meeting Allan had had some great ideas for us to consider.  With Allan it is always about educating you so that you can make decisions from a comfortable and educated position.  With this process we have ended up with a lot more money for retirement than we’d dreamed possible.  Our bases are covered and things are safe and secure.  Our retirement assets are doing just as Allan said they would and we understand how this is possible due to the education process he took us through.  We haven’t lost a dime even through these difficult times.  Were recommending Allan to are friends and family.  How much less would we have today if we hadn’t had Allan for an advisor?  It’s scary to think about it.


Prior to coming to see Allan I had been with another advisor for two years during which time I watched my portfolio lose value month after month.  When I decided it was time for a change, I met with several advisors, each of whom was anxious to sell me their favorite products.

At my first meeting with Allan I saw how he is different from the other advisors.  Instead of immediately telling me about products he had to offer and investment strategies that were designed for maximum growth, Allan spent two meeting just getting to know and undestand me and my financial concerns.

He helped me clarify my current and long term financial goals and potential needs.  We discussed what my level of risk is, and then we worked on a plan designed for me; a plan tha assures I will be able to cover my present and future needs and that assures I will not outlive my funds.

Allan has knowledge of and access to products that no other advisor offered me.

Because of the security this lifetime income stram provides me and my low tolerance for loss, we diced I would be more comfortable reducing the amount I have at risk in the market and moving some into a safe investment.  At our first meeting Allan said his goal is to have me be able to sleep at night without worrying about my finances.  This is an example of how Allan uses his knowledge, products, people, and patience to accomplish this goal.

I want to thank you, Allan for helping me to sleep better at night.


We have been with Allan for a number of years now.  The number one thing that we like about Allan is his willingness to try something new when it comes along.  I called Allan about another investment that offered a good return and he looked into it and although he didn’t make anything he told me it was a good investment and it has turned out well.  I trust Allan with my money.  His enthusiasm is genuine and he is excited about what he does.  I would recommend Allan to anyone.

Bill & Julie

We have been very fortunate to aquire a Trusted & True Advisor.  One who is as concerned about our investments and well being as his own family.  We are more informed than we have ever been.  Allan goes into great detail about each decision we have to make and gives us different options, and there is allways illustrations to compare and help us understand.  Are investments are now on the plus side rather than the minus side.    Our recommendation to anyone who wants to be worry free and add to their income should contact Allan.

Bob & Jeri

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