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I’ve read more financial books that most people ever will, and I’ve learned that while some books sell very well, their information is best suited for selling books – not making money.

I don’t make my living selling books and doing infomercials, I actually do when I talk about. Being in the financial services business for 17 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people not only increase their net worth, but enjoy a SWAN (Sleep Well at Night) retirement.
  • When you retire, what’s more important Return on Investment, or Reliability of Income?
  • When you retire would you like to have a golden bucket of money that would provide income that could go up when the market goes up, but not go down the market goes down?
  • Would you like a portfolio that had unlimited upside yet allow you to control the most you would ever lose any year?
  • Would you like to spend your summers on lakes and rivers yet potentially make more money than most Americans?
  • Would you like to learn how to take over a mortgage with little or nothing down and still be able to walk away with no recourse from the mortgage company?

I’m in the top few percent of Americans in net worth as well as income.

While today I mostly work with retirees, this book explains many of the strategies I use today as well as wealth accumulation strategies I learned along the way.

I believe this is the type of book you wish you would have read when you were first starting out or the kind of book you would buy and give to your children and grandchildren.

Read, Learn, and Enjoy, I truly wish you the best.

Allan H. Densmore

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