Allan Densmore – Veteran Retirement Consultant, Retirement Guru, Published Author, Port Charlotte, Florida

Long immersed in the financial services industry, Allan Densmore considers himself an entrepreneur first and a financial consultant second.

He started a security firm when he was in his mid-20s and encountered great success by growing to over 55 employees and over $1,000,000 in annual sales.

The company provided residential, personal, and commercial protection. 

Though Mr. Densmore enjoyed being self-employed, he really wanted to pursue a line of work that enabled him to work with numbers.

Mr. Densmore then became an independent contractor with The Equitable Life Assurance Society, now known as AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company in 1994.

He earned awards each year for being a top performer and was featured in an article written about stellar financial advisors. 

Allan was on the rise even in the beginning.

Though he enjoyed his time with the firm, Mr. Densmore wanted to focus his work solely on his clients and decided to go into business with a partner in 1997.

The partner ultimately dropped out, leaving Mr. Densmore as the primary owner of a financial advisory firm.

Through this firm, he helped many clients find new ways to resolve financial dilemmas.

Working with a number of clients he noticed some clients writing rather large checks from their account. 

When he asked why he was told it was for college and off he went. 

Always thinking outside the box he wanted to help his clients save money for their children’s college education and get large awards by helping pick schools that had the most money to give that particular student. 

Mr. Densmore became so good at this little know world of college funding and college selection he would routinely send children to private universities for equal to or less than a state school. 

This was unheard of by his clients. 

Other than the military, Mr. Densmore was able receive the entire student roster from the schools he chose to work with. 

Mr. Densmore helps his clients find solutions that are out there, that may require outside of the box thinking, and most people are not aware of.  

If there is a way, Mr. Densmore has the will.

As testament to his expertise, Mr. Densmore has done…

  • workshops for CPA’s on the topic of tax shelters
  • workshops for IRS agents on finance
  • been featured on TV speaking as a financial expert in the world of finance
  • published in various newspapers
  • and been a trainer for up and coming financial professionals. 

Mr. Densmore speaks to clients about income issues as well as living abroad to afford a standard of living they may not get here in the U.S.  Mr. Densmore was also well known for his hugely successful weekly radio show on KBOI the “Retirement Guru” for seniors. 

Before moving to SWFL and becoming semi-retired, Mr. Densmore was in the top 5% of advisors in the country with one of the fastest growing FMO’s in the country.

Through his own business experiences over the years, Allan’s has acquired invaluable knowledge making him one of the leading financial experts and strategists in his field of income planning. While no longer an licensed insurance agent or investment advisor he now just provides his opinion on what he feels is one of the best equity selection and income producing strategy avaliable today, as well as helps people looking for the highest level of income they can while still having it guaranteed.

Mr. Densmore helps his clients persist even through tough economies and unpredictable markets with his innovative thinking and years of experience.

Let’s listen to what Allan has to say.

I remember when I first started in the financial services business.  It was fun, exciting and a huge learning experience.  Starting in 1994 all the way to 2000, my clients did great, and I thought it was because of me.  Little did I know that it wasn’t because of me, it was just the way the market was working.  It seemed that just about whatever you invested in increased in value.  I thought I was the man and the world of finance was easy peasy.  Wow was I wrong and did I get a rude awakening.

In 2000-2001, no matter what I did to help my clients it didn’t work.  I had never been taught that if the market decides to drop as a whole my clients were not set up properly, nothing seemed to work.  Well every one received a rude awakening when the market crashed and the dot com bubble burst, including my retired clients.  After the market crash and all the financial devastation that it brought upon the American people I knew I had to find a better way for me and my clients.  I had to live with knowing my clients were looking to me for help and guidance and I felt I let them down.  Now I knew not everyone lost money like the market did, but I didn’t know what or how this great task was accomplished.

If you read my book “Millionaire Advisor™”, you will read about what I learned.  Read the book it will open your eyes.  Anyway, I learned how to do better for my clients than what I did before.  So I started educating my clients on what I call the 4 worlds of money I was able to show them how to set up their retirement portfolio in a way they had never seen before.  Some clients had almost all annuities (yuck), some had almost all securities (yuck), some, had almost all cash (Yuck).  By educating first I was able to show them a better way to accomplish their individual goals.  I had now accomplished what I originally set out to do.  I had found a better way for my clients to have a safe guaranteed income yet still provide for potential growth and liquid cash.  BUT, I wanted more for my clients.  I wanted more income and less risk in the overall portfolio.

Again being known for always trying to think outside the box and after years of experience, research and lots of money spent on the best education I could get.  I have found how to help my clients with a better way, a safer way, and a “no-more-worrying-what-the-market-will-do-today” way, to get a greater reliable income stream, normally far higher than what they thought they could receive.  And no I am not talking about the retail annuities you can buy from every insurance agent on the street.

My clients no longer worry about their retirement income and that’s what I want for everyone, to unlock some of the strategies and secrets that I believe before now have only been privy to the privileged few.  What I used to do is good, and it is in my opinion far superior to what most people have in their portfolio or how they set it up.  However the way I help my clients now just maximizes the income and still keeps the risk down.  I believe it may be the only way someone would need to set up their income portfolio, I wish I had learned this sooner.

I only work three days a week now and I focus my practice on two areas.  First, income consulting to seniors in SWFL area.  I want to ensure that my clients feel secure with their future.  I show them how to purchase current or future income at a discount through the secondary market.  I do have to say it is really nice when people see how much income they can get, and still have it guaranteed by the same insurance companies that sell retail annuities to the public.  After seeing what I do, people understand why purchasing annuities or other income producing products on the retail market may not be in there best interest.  I have yet to meet with someone who has ever seen the options for guaranteed income that are out there.  They are astounded at what they can get, then upset at what is actually being sold to them.  

Second, I provide a subscription service for those looking to utilize the market for the unlimited upside potential while also protecting their downside.  The subscription service I provide is unique and effective, it also represents the same positions as well as strategies I use myself.  I want the ability to earn as much as I can but I don’t want to risk my money without protection.  My service and strategy has them both.  I watch my money every day, do you? 

I really enjoy what I do now.  I show my clients various strategies and secrets that before now I believe have only been privy to the privileged few.  Now I can help them in a way very few people in Florida can.  I believe “Some are born to wealth; others have good advisors”, and I ask which one are you?

Allan H. Densmore

If you have not read my book Millionaire Advisor™ please order a copy today.  You can get it on line or a signed copy through me.  I have learned a lot over the years and try to educate people on how to improve their current and future financial health.   I believe the Millionaire Advisor™ will do just that for all who read it.

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